Labor brands Greens political spectators

“They promise everything to everybody, have no ability to deliver for anyone,” Mr Andrews told reporters at a polling booth in Flemington on Saturday.


“They will be at best sitting on the sidelines, sitting in the grand stands offering a commentary instead of delivering for working people.”

He called on voters in seat of Melbourne to use the by-election to send a clear message to the Baillieu government by voting Labor.

“It’s a clear opportunity for Melbourne voters to send the strongest, the most definitive message to Ted Baillieu that on TAFE and in so many other areas, he’s gone too far,” Mr Andrews said.

He conceded it would be a tough fight for the party to hold onto the seat it has held for more than a century and was once seen as a Labor stronghold.

“I think this is going to be very very tight,” Mr Andrews said.

“Jennifer’s been a fantastic candidate, (she has) worked very hard.”

Labor candidate Jennifer Kanis said she had focused on boosting her primary vote as the wide field of candidates – 16 in total – meant the result could come down to preferences.

“This is an election where no one will get 51 per cent of the vote so preferences will play a part,” Ms Kanis said.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard was in Melbourne on Saturday but was not expected to make an appearance at any of the polling booths.

Mr Andrews said he would of course like to see the prime minister campaigning if she was in Melbourne, but said he expected she would be very busy.

“The prime minister has got a pretty important job to do,” Mr Andrews said.

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